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Phyllo dot hack roots by eha1027 Phyllo dot hack roots by eha1027
Phyllo is a mysterious floating sage with a tail. He seems to know a great deal about The World R:2 and all of its mysteries and inhabitants. Though he's one to talk rather than to fight, he can hold his own in a battle.

Phyllo appears as a small Tu Tribe character dressed in a dark gray robe, with brown fur, blonde hair and magenta eyes. He has the ability to hover when he moves (the mechanics of which is not explained) and wields a gnarled wooden staff with a dragon head image carved, when forced into combat. Despite his rather cute appearance he nevertheless has a calm, wise aura about him.

Phyllo has become a sort of landmark in The World R:2. He can almost always be found sitting on the same bridge in the Root Town of Mac Anu. People of all classes, levels, and ideals come to ask him for advice, making him one of the most well known players in the game. His level is quite high, so he is able to wander through the game without having to worry about attacks by PKers. He's pretty severe and caring, helping anyone who comes to him.
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December 23, 2011
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